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Packing 101

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Stressful, disorganized, disheveled. These are the first words that tend to come to mind before a big move. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right packing strategy and these helpful packing tips, you can make your move into one of our downtown Chicago condos easy and stress free. Take a look at our tips below:

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Make Lists and Stay Organized

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When it comes to moving, keeping an inventory is crucial. As you pack make sure to keep a list of what’s in each of your boxes. This helps you know what’s been stowed and what hasn’t. Plus, it makes it easier to track down items during the unpacking process. To save you additional time, clearly number and label your boxes so the movers know exactly where to put each box.

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Keep Things Together

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Coffee Cups, Plates, Silverware…and underwear? While it might save you time in the short-term, mixing your cargo together can make unpacking a nightmare. Make sure you’re boxing items based on the room they’ll go in – don’t mix your kitchen supplies with your basement storage. By keeping the cargo organized by room you can save yourself hours in unpacking time.

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Vacuum Seal Your Clothing

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If you love your clothes, but you’re short on space consider vacuum sealing your socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Vacuum sealing your clothes you can save up to 75% of packing space and can even protect them from dirt and dust on long moves across the country. Plus, it’s a relatively easy task to perform. Simply, stuff your clothes in a garbage bag, cover the vacuum hose with the opening of the bag, turn the vacuum on, and voila! You’ve got a set of shrink-wrapped sweaters ready for storage.

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Follow the “30 Pound” Rule

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As you pack, take your back into consideration. Heavy boxes lead to injuries and can even collapse under the weight of your cargo. Generally, boxes should weigh no less than 30 pounds, so keep this in mind as you organize yourself for the big move. Additionally, make sure your heavy items are packed towards the bottom of the box.  This will help your smaller items from getting crushed and makes the box easier to carry.

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Keep your Valuables in the Car, not the Moving Truck

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Passports, birth certificates, and expensive jewelry have no place in the back of a moving truck. Instead of creating a box for your valuables, pack them in your luggage and pack them in your car, not in the moving truck. However, if you’re strapped for space, stash your jewelry or expensive antiques at the bottom of a miscellaneous box with an unassuming name like “Miscellaneous Kitchen Supplies.” However, regardless of where you put your stuff, make sure you’re covered by your homeowner’s insurance for the move. If you aren’t, you might want to purchase additional insurance from the mover.

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The moving process is never fun, but hopefully out list of easy to follow packing tips will make your next move into one of our downtown Chicago condos a little less stressful.

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