author: Kaycie Kotas


5 Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago

Are you looking to change lives through volunteering but don’t know where to start? Here are five great opportunities to volunteer for a good cause in the Chicago area.

1. Empower Black LGBTQ Youth

Become a Member Coordinator with National Youth Pride Services, which empowers black LGBTQ youth nationwide to achieve their potential through leadership development, collaborative events, and networking. You can visit to learn more about this meaningful movement or volunteer your services.

2. Play with Kittens

Volunteer to play with cats and kittens, keep their cages tidy, and visit with the public for the Feral Feline Project, whose primary goal is to “Trap-Neuter-Return” to prevent the overpopulation of feral cats and promote quality of life. You can learn more about the Feral Feline Project or offer to volunteer at

3. Help Businesses Grow

With a strong belief in the benefits of independent business ownership, Strategiis works to support budding entrepreneurs in business establishment and growth. Strategiis is now seeking a Volunteer Personal Assistant to work with business owners and dreamers to assist in the start-up or growth process. To learn more, call 312-522-4800.

4. Donate to a Good Cause

Ordinary People International aims to provide a myriad of services and supplies under one roof for the underprivileged of all ages. They achieve this goal by receiving donated products (from shampoo to computer supplies and more) and distributing them to those who need them most, hoping to empower and uplift those who are down. Click here to donate.

5. Help the Elderly matches elderly citizens who need help doing the things they need or love to do with those who are able and willing to assist. Volunteers are able to schedule their time when it works best for them and choose the clients and activities they are most interested in helping with. To learn more, visit

There are thousands of volunteer opportunities in Chicago, whether your passion is for refugees, animals, the underprivileged, the arts, or something else. You can find hundreds of current volunteer opportunities on Volunteer Match.