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9 Tips to Make Your Moving Day Less Stressful

Everyone knows that a move can be a chaotic mess if it’s not done right. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you’re planning to rent apartments in Chicago. Stay calm. You’re going to get through this! Here are a few tips to make your moving day a little more stress free.

1. Move on a weekday

It’s always easier when banks, utilities and other government offices are open — just in case. Also avoid the beginning and end of the month if you can, because it’s typically the most popular time to move and unless you book your moving vehicle early, one may not be available.

2. Make a packing schedule

Begin by packing one room at a time over the course of several weeks. By the time of your actual move date you will be able to act more like a conductor and less like a member of a symphony who forgot their instrument.

3. Label

Label and number each box clearly, on both sides, with thick letters that are easily identifiable. The numbering will allow you to keep track of where your belongings are once you get to your new home and help you determine which boxes will need to be opened first. It will also help ensure everything arrives safely.

4. Create a checklist

After numbering and labeling your boxes, create a spreadsheet for your move. This way you can check off each room as things arrive and you minimize the chances of misplacing items. The checklist will also help with the unpacking process.

5. Pack yourself an overnight bag

If you have to get back to work right away, make it easier on yourself by preparing an overnight bag. With work clothes and accessories packed separately you eliminate the need to scramble opening boxes before you have to leave to an appointment

6. Ask For Help

It’s always easier with an extra set of hands or two. There are a number of moving companies located within the city so shop around and get quotes from multiple movers, you’d be surprised how the cost can vary. If not, rope some friends in for some quality “bonding” time

7. Relax

Take breaks frequently. Make sure you drink lots of water and take time in between trips to your moving vehicle. If you pass out you’ll be no good for the team.

8. Feed Your Army

Providing your crew with a little sustenance in the morning like some bagels, orange juice or coffee will give them the energy they need to get started. But at some point in the moving process energy levels will dip so you’ve got to have a plan to reenergize. Map out your new home before you get there so you know where the closest grocery store or restaurants are – the help will appreciate your speed in delivering dinner.

9. Set Deadlines

Set deadlines for packing and unpacking phases of your move. Let’s face it, moving is a lot of work, but breaking it down into smaller pieces will alleviate some of the stress and you’d be surprised how much easier moving will become.