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The Best Online Apps

Apps can be great. They give you the chance to organize your life, achieve complicated tasks, and have fun all from the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, since there are thousands of apps on the market, finding ones curtailed to your needs can be difficult. We’ve done some of the work for you by compiling this list… Continue Reading The Best Online Apps

Autumn Leg of Lamb Recipe

Nothing says “home” on a crisp fall day like the smell of food cooking. There’s just something about warm, delicious food around the family table that’s cozy and comforting. With such busy work schedules, the Crock-Pot is a sure-fire way to guarantee a delicious meal that’s simple to make, and will fill your house with… Continue Reading Autumn Leg of Lamb Recipe

Organic Eating on a Tight Budget

While most people agree that organic foods provide more health benefits and decreased risks, many have a difficult time swallowing the price tag. Many of those people have never shopped for organic foods but have simply heard how costly they can be. While a quick trip down your local supermarket’s aisle will confirm that organic… Continue Reading Organic Eating on a Tight Budget

Tips for Eating Healthy

The road to healthy eating isn’t a single path at all, but more like a multiple, varied routes up a mountainside. Assemble ten dieticians, nutritionists, or health experts, and you’re likely to hear ten different forms of advice. In essence, the best route to optimal health is to attune yourself to your body’s specific needs… Continue Reading Tips for Eating Healthy

Top 5 Activities for Kids in the Chicago Area

Chicago has many activities for adults, but did you know there are also tons of fun, diverse activities for kids? Here are five family-friendly activities your children will enjoy this summer: Key Lime Cove This indoor water park boasts 65,000 square feet of fun. Best of all, it is climate controlled so you don’t have… Continue Reading Top 5 Activities for Kids in the Chicago Area

Fourth of July Celebrations in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for traditional parades and fireworks, live music, pony rides, or pie eating contests, Chicago has something to offer you on the Fourth of July. The best part? You can find plenty to do for free. Be sure to check out this list before making your Fourth of July plans and check out the list… Continue Reading Fourth of July Celebrations in Chicago

Staying Healthy and Fit in the Windy City

Although Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza and the “Chicago Dog,” as well as many amazing restaurants and bars, there are plenty of ways to keep fit and stay healthy in the Windy City. From workout classes and organic restaurants, to walking tours and great parks, Chicago offers everything you need to focus on… Continue Reading Staying Healthy and Fit in the Windy City

How to Host a Summer Barbecue

As the weather finally starts to warm up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about hosting a barbeque. If you’ve never hosted one before, though, it can be quite an intimidating proposition. If you want to make sure your barbecue is talked about for years, here’s what you need to know: The Basics To… Continue Reading How to Host a Summer Barbecue

6 DIY Projects to Try This Summer

Summer is a time to go out and play. If you are running out of ideas, we have compiled some activities for you to do with your friends and family. Get out there and enjoy summer with these inexpensive and fun DIY projects, and make this the best summer ever. Create giant pool bubbles. All… Continue Reading 6 DIY Projects to Try This Summer

5 Essential Tips for Your Summer Grilling Experience

Your neglected grill may have been gathering dust throughout the cruel winter, but it’s finally time to light up the charcoal or fill the propane tank and let the grilling season commence! Whether you’re grilling a simple weeknight meal for one or hosting an epic backyard bash, these five basic tips will help ensure that… Continue Reading 5 Essential Tips for Your Summer Grilling Experience