author: Kaycie Kotas


Best Chicago Attractions & Places to Visit

Exploring Chicago’s Riverwalk

Chicago’s Riverwalk is a waterfront public feature of the city built on the southern bank of the great Chicago River. It spans nine city blocks running from Franklin Street to Lake Shore Drive. First built in 2001 to 2005, the Riverwalk began as a continuation of the Wacker Drive project. Known locally as the second lakefront, the Riverwalk features tiered walkways, sitting steps at the water’s edge, pedestrian bridges, and ornate railings. Attractions along the Riverwalk include fine and unique restaurants, boats for rent and other leisure activities. It was recently expanded to its current size and has been a beacon to residents this summer with new amenities and renovated layout.

The Riverwalk is centered at the point where a number of branches of the Chicago River intersect, and at a major confluence of the neighborhoods that surround it. The Riverwalk is a common entertainment center for these residential areas with its arcade, market, and many civic characteristics. In 2012, Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel announced his intention to expand the Riverwalk, a project which has been completed this year.

Shopping In Chicago

It shouldn’t be surprising that shopping opportunities and access to services in the bustling city of Chicago are in good supply. The windy city is loaded with specialty and contemporary grocery shopping outlets, boutiques, hardware, and auto parts stores. Additionally, the suburbs offer outstanding shopping centers. There’s the famous Woolworth Mall in downtown Schaumburg. Chicago’s popular Woodfield Mall is a shining, multi-level mecca for local shoppers.

Other Chicago Attractions

There is an endless selection of attractions and things to do in the Chicago area. All of Chicago’s best and most-loved nightlife hot spots, restaurants, shopping and museums make living here an endless adventure. You could spend a lifetime here and hardly explore everything the city and surrounding metropolitan area have to offer.

Discover the depths of the deep blue sea at Shedd Aquarium. Catch a ball game at the world famous Wrigley Field. Take in a theatrical experience at The Chicago Theatre. Ride a grand Ferris Wheel down at the Navy Pier- and that’s only a beginning.

Chicago is home to some of the world’s finest dining experiences, entertainment, and attractions, including many of the best-reviewed restaurants, the nation’s tallest building, and one of the world’s foremost orchestras, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

There’s something for shopaholics, sports fans, foodies, thrill seekers and more. Chicago really does have something for everyone.