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Dog Friendly Condos in the Windy City

Planning on moving to the Windy City with your pet? While finding a new condo with cats or other smaller pets is relatively easy, choosing a place that has all the amenities you desire and also allows a dog or two can be much more complicated.

While newcomers to Chicago may believe that it’s difficult to live in the city and still have dogs (especially larger breeds), it is more than possible at Lakeshore East – it’s ideal!

Not only does the neighborhood have an amazing dog park, there are plenty of other entertainment options for pooches living in Chi-town. Most of the units are dog-friendly (with some breed restrictions) and the community itself is wonderful spot for dogs and their owners alike.

Most of Chicago’s public parks have designated dog areas, allowing your puppies to run around and socialize with other dogs. In addition, there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and other spots in the city as well – just check out this list for starters. What’s more, there are a ton of dog-related activities that owners and pets will both love – including canine cruises on Lake Michigan, shopping excursions, and dog beaches. In addition, plenty of boutiques and stores (especially those on Michigan Avenue, in Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview) welcome dogs and often put out water and biscuits for the pups. So do plenty of restaurants, bars and lounges – especially those with outdoor spaces!

Even better, there are several delivery services (ranging from new start-ups like Instacart to Amazon Prime) that will ensure that food and other supplies for your pets are delivered right to your door, which is wonderfully convenient, especially in the winter. Easy access to the Pedway and a nearby Marianos grocery store allows for even more convenience for all residents, but particularly dog owners.

It’s clear that there are plenty of ways to enjoy living in the city with a dog or two, but Lakeshore East might be the best possible neighborhood for anyone with pets who wants to live in the heart of the city.

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