author: Kaycie Kotas


Fitness Benefits with a Group or Trainer

Fitness Benefits with a Group or Trainer
One of the biggest problems of getting into shape is motivation. It’s so much easier to blow off a workout to do something more pleasurable. Most of the time, the allure of sitting watching a Netflix show, going shopping, or surfing around on your smartphone or tablet is preferable to working out. This is especially true if you have put in a long, hard day of work, and all you want to do is relax. The call of the gym is often an unanswered one. Not if you have a trainer or workout partner, though. If you schedule a session with a trainer, then you are more than likely going to keep that commitment because you are paying extra for it. This is also true if you exercise with a group of friends. Not only do you want to see them socially while you work out, but you affect their motivation if you flake out and don’t show up. So the fitness benefits of working out with a trainer or group are endless! It can’t be overstated how much this aids in motivating an individual to work out on a consistent basis. Here are some other facts of working out with someone by your side.
You’ll Push Yourself More
The competitive spirit will overtake you when working out with friends. You’ll push yourself more to keep up with your partners or impress your trainer. It’s just a natural inclination. When you are by yourself, there isn’t anyone around to keep tabs of what you are doing, so you might slack a little. Accountability is important in a group setting. Your friends will make sure you are getting the proper workout.
You Might Explore Things You Wouldn’t Normally Do
Never tried jumping rope, kettle bells, or squats? Your trainer will devise the absolute best workout plan possible for you to target your total body. You might be able to explore some fitness options that you wouldn’t think of trying yourself. Or in a group, you might take a class that isn’t naturally on your radar like “Ballet Barre,” Pilates, or rock climbing.
The Workout Goes Faster
This is a true fact, when you are absorbed in talking to others while working out or even the interaction with your trainer, the time will seem to go by much faster than if you are alone. Company takes your mind off of being in your own head, counting down the minutes until your workout is over, unless you are one of those rare people who lives for working out. Working out with a trainer or group is going to go by in a flash.