Gift Ideas to Appreciate Your Next Host/Hostess

Every polite party guest knows that proper etiquette means you bring a lovely gift for your host or hostess. However, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which gift to bring. The best gifts convey your gratitude while also meeting the hostess’s needs. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please any host or hostess.


Wine isn’t a new gift idea, but it’s a classic for a reason. Nearly everyone enjoys a nice bottle of wine, and the host can use it immediately, which makes it practical, too. If your host doesn’t drink, a bottle of sparkling juice works just as well.


You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates either. A small sampler or a box of your host’s favorite flavors is a nice way to express your gratitude.


A candle is another lovely gift that a hostess will appreciate. You can personalize this gift somewhat by choosing the host’s favorite scent or a color that complements their home.


A lovely bouquet of flowers is a nice touch to a buffet of appetizers and canapés. Choose your host’s favorite flower or purchase an arrangement that matches the color scheme of the event.

Bartending Tools

If your host likes to mix drinks, a good set of classic bartending tools is almost always appreciated. This classic gift never goes out of style.

Serving Pieces

If your hostess regularly entertains, any unique serving piece will be a welcome addition to her collection. A large platter for hors d’oeuvres or a decanter for drinks are great ideas that any host will love.

Whichever gift you choose, just be sure you don’t show up empty-handed. Hosting a party is always a stressful task, and hosts will appreciate the kind gesture when you show your appreciation. It’s also a good way to guarantee you get an invite for the next fete!