Magellan’s Fitness Challenge

Heralded for an employee-friendly, flexible and relaxed work atmosphere, Magellan takes employee perks to the next level by offering an incentive-based fitness challenge. Started by David Carlins, Magellan’s President, the Magellan Employee Fitness Challenge is intended to promote employee well-being while also creating a sense of comradery and teamwork amongst members of the organization. Each year, employees are encouraged to choose a fitness event to participate in with a fellow employee(s). “Fitness challenges” can range from charity 5K’s or bike rides to more demanding marathons or triathlons. Together, they train and complete their fitness event by the end of the year.

Once each individual’s event is completed according to goals set, he or she receives reimbursement from Magellan for all event fees as well as bonuses throughout the year based upon total organization participation.

Lots of support is given to employees through their fitness journey including free goody bags, discounts to area retailers, and “Team Magellan” sportwear.

From running races to stair climbs to triathlons and Ironman competitions, Magellan employee fitness event participation is widespread throughout Chicagoland and beyond.