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author: Kaycie Kotas


The Best Online Apps

Apps can be great. They give you the chance to organize your life, achieve complicated tasks, and have fun all from the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, since there are thousands of apps on the market, finding ones curtailed to your needs can be difficult. We’ve done some of the work for you by compiling this list of seven great free iPhone apps. Check out our selections and see if they can benefit your life!

  1. Robinhood

Think you could become an instant millionaire if you just had access to the stock market? Now you do with Robinhood. It lets you buy and sell stocks without any fees or commissions. Add stocks to your watch list to keep track of their daily ups and downs, as well as their historical values. When the time is right, make the trade that will make you rich.

  1. Elevate

If your brain is feeling sluggish, Elevate can help revive it. It’s a personalized brain training program that improves your memory, focus, and processing abilities. Play three different fun yet challenging games daily to boost your productivity and self-confidence. A workout calendar shows your progress, and notifications remind you when it’s time to play!

  1. GasBuddy

If you’re looking for ways to save at the pump, GasBuddy is the perfect option. Users report gas prices at different stations whenever they see them, which are then displayed so you can see which location has the cheapest gas. Sort by price or distance, and earn entries into free gas card raffles by reporting gas prices.

  1. Snapguide

Need some advice on how to complete a project? Snapguide can help, as it is a comprehensive resource for how-to guides. The visual interface lets you see how to do something instead of reading long and dense paragraphs. Use it to discover new recipes, DIY projects, fashion ideas, or makeup tricks.

  1. IF by IFTTT

This app offers you complete control over your online presence. For example, it can automatically post all your Instagrams as Twitter photos, save your favorite tweets to Evernote, message roommates when you’re at the grocery store, plus much more. It works on a simple theory, “if this, then that.”

  1. Real Estate by Trulia

If you’re on the search for a new place to live, then Trulia is essential. Easily browse homes for sale or apartments for rent by location, house features, and more. Set an alert to notify you when homes are posted that match your criteria. Save your favorites with the boards feature, which helps you share your front-runners with others.

  1. Lifecake

Children grow up fast, and this app helps to record it all. Organize your baby’s photos and videos on one easy-to-browse timeline. It lets you zoom in to any age or compare different time periods with a simple tap. Easily import photos from Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, and Instagram to create an amalgam of memories to last a lifetime.