author: Kaycie Kotas


The Top 5 Grossing Movies of 2016

he Top 5 Grossing Movies Of 2016

Movie buffs, listen up! This year, animal and superhero films have been all the rage. Check out this year’s top grossing movies so far, and take a trip to your local Redbox (or On Demand listing) to rent these movies today.

  1. Finding Dory

Opening Date: June 17th

Total Gross (in theaters): $473, 872, 375

Remember Finding Nemo, the hit animation of the loveable clownfish and his father? Pixar Studios is back at it again, this time with Finding Dory, an adventurous sequel that follows Dory the fish (played by Ellen DeGeneres) as she searches for her parents in captivity. Dory suffers from short-term memory loss, so the journey is complicated by her lack of remembering. She joins Nemo and Marlin, now pals for life, on this journey filled with quirkiness, laughter, and treacherous sea life obstacles.

  1. Captain America: Civil War

Opening Date: May 6th

Total Gross: $507,197,282

Marvel movies always seem to be a hit thanks to their widespread popularity among all ages, which is why Captain America: Civil War was a top summer movie this year. The story follows Captain America and his struggle as political pressures rise. While Captain America believes superheroes should be allowed to defend humanity without political interference, Iron Man (Robert Downey Junior) isn’t so sure. It’s a superhero civil war to remember.

  1. Deadpool

Opening Date: February 12th

Total Gross: $363,070,709

Yet another Marvel comic makes its way into the top 5 lucrative movies of 2016. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is left with supernatural powers after being tortured by Ajax, an evil scientist who sadistically experimented on the former Special Forces soldier. After escaping Ajax, Deadpool has no choice but to seek vengeance and try to reclaim the lost love of his life again, despite his disfiguration.

  1. The Jungle Book (2016)

Opening Date: April 15th

Total Gross: $362,645,141

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures and based on Rudyard’s Kipling’s classic childhood tale, Jungle Book follows Mowgli, an orphaned boy who bonds with jungle animals to find out who he is, while evading the evil Shere Khan. The live-action and CGI is well done and evokes a sense of wonderment. The imagery is surely a step up from its 1967 animated version.

  1. Zootopia

Opening Date: March 4th

Total Gross: $341,268,248

Animal movies are clearly all the rage this year. Zootopia is a loveable, family-friendly animated film that depicts a society of animals living together in harmony…or so it seems. From the largest elephant to the tiniest mouse, the metropolis of Zootopia accommodates everybody., Yet, but this proves to be a challenge for newly inducted police officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin). Hopps, a rabbit of course, runs into conflict with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a sneaky fox who butts heads with her.  Zootopia does an excellent job catering to adults who want a good laugh, and to children who can learn lessons from watching animals thrive and live together despite their differences.