Winter Activities in Chicago

Chicago is well-known for its cold, snowy winters. However, residents and visitors alike don’t hibernate for the winter; they have found exciting ways to stay active and have fun no matter how low the temperature gets.

Indoor Activities


Hands down, the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most famous art galleries in the country. The absolutely massive building contains numerous exhibits of photography, artwork, and sculpture.

Safe Fun Indoors

If you’re worried about the temperature but your children are begging to go outside and play, how about a compromise? The Sky High Sports Trampoline Park is guaranteed to impress. Kids love playing on one of the massive trampolines or shooting hoops at the basketball court and adults can take a unique “AIRobics” fitness class.

Drinking & Gaming

Adults who are still kids at heart love Logan Arcade. The fun bar and rec area features daily drink specials, an arcade room, and pinball tournaments. They also offer movie nights, magic acts, and play popular TV shows.

Outdoor Activities


Whether you’re a pro angler or just want to learn a new hobby, there are several great sites for winter fishing in the greater Chicago area.  Northerly Island Park is an expansive 91 acre nature reserve that offers great views of the skyline and numerous piers and fishing zones.


Kids will love taking advantage of Chicago’s abundant snow by sledding down the slopes at one of the city’s many parks. Caldwell Woods has a few good hills and an indoor warming center, while Cricket Hill at Lincoln Park offers steeper slopes.


There are indoor and outdoor skating rinks scattered throughout the city. One of the most popular is Millennium Park’s large outdoor rink. It is free and open during daylight hours from November to March.